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GBG is a reference photo printing solutions company in the market, 

with 20 years of experience. Creafoto emerges as an ambitious idea of being a platform that offers options for creating online photography products, on desktop or mobile.


The current low demand for traditional album printing due to technological advances puts the business at risk.


To create an online and easy-to-use platform where users can create their own photography designs taking advantage of digital photography.

Scope and constraints

The team initially had only one developer, who due to personal problems left the project.  Two colleagues joined the project immediately, and the budget had to be increased and a large part of the backend had to be recoded.

It was an opportunity to start fresh building something better.


New clients onboarded

Amateur users captured

Better brand reputation

How might we make people return to photo albums using available modern technology?

Analysis and

concept stage

Competitor research, identify users, user flows and wireframing.

Competitive products in the region

Observations from the competitors

Some of the software must be downloaded, and most of all is not easy to use.  

The mobile experience is really poor.

Lack in variety of products.

Opportunities 🎉

Build a solution that is 100% online, no need to download any software

Design a solution that implies a minimal learning curve

Offer innovative products

Offer a better mobile experience

Feature Wishlist

Create a photo album from a phone

Create a photo with social media images

Create a photo album online without download any software

Buy the products online

Design a mug with any device

Design a poster online with any device



Those who are not professionals in photography and use a phone as a camera. Those who love capturing their happy moments, travelers.

Professional Photographers

PiX (Interaction partiture)

A first approach was to see the interaction between the user, the system, and the UI, for all the team to understand how a platform this kind works also in terms of what is needed from the backend.

User flows

Identification of all user interactions to create the different products, detecting friction points.

Ecommerce basic flow

Samples of wireframing work to validate ideas on the album editor and onboarding process.

Remote User testing to improve mobile usability,

in this case creating a mug

According to users voice:

Was not clear how to choose a canvas

A zoom was needed to handle the images

They would like to see a mug preview

Iterations after mobile testing:

Improved the UX writing

More clear interaction with the canvas

Zoom added to better manage the images, text, and stickers

Product Suite

Most recent design version after iterations

Album Builder

Real interaction

PRO album editor

Single photo printing

Mobile Express album

Initial image upload for a mobile express album

Product website

Website desktop headers

Designed with ♥ for CREAFOTO

Developed by Páramo Studio


New clients onboarded

Amateur users captured

Better brand reputation