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Friendmo is an app for doing good. The app suggests users specific goods every day or the ability to create their own goods.

The more good you do, you earn badges and unlock rewards.

The idea is to make you a better you, a better friend, better family, and community member, and a happier human.


  1. Encourage people to take an act of kindness, a good every day
  2. Provide them with creative suggestions
  3. Keep track of what they do

How might we encourage people to do more good?

Phase 1

The following is the first version of the app, only for iOS

App flow. This is the first flow, which then was simplified and some functionalities were merged.

Onboarding screens. 5 friends need to be added to unlock your first 5 goods. The app will ask for permission to access your contacts, otherwise, contacts can be added manually.

Home screen, My goods, Badges, and Friends. A good can be sent or created, from the main screen and My goods section. You can also select a friend from your friends list to start doing good.

Available soon!

Figma components


Phase 2

The second version of the app, with Android support, new capabilities and better design.

The design of the app was updated to simpler flows, with more focus on doing good and using the native resources of the system.

The concept is that the user can easily do good every day, taking action with the “The good of the day” feature which every day brings a new idea for doing good ​in different multimedia formats like, text, photo, audio, video, etc

The interactions mostly use the swipe gesture, and the user is shown how to do it through the initial guide.

An example of a type of good with a countdown. The user has limited time to complete the good.

The app captures the user's level of happiness after doing good.

On the other hand, it ensures that the user completes the good.

The “Wall of good” is the social area in which the user interacts with other Friendmo users and sees how many users did the same good.

“Me” is the area where the user can see their stats, messages received, goods are done, and their friends.

User account

Updated iOS library

Android experience