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Product Design



April 2020




React Native


Nobly Ordering is the new product of the NoblyPOS suite, launched in April 2020. The product arises from the need for our customers to continue operating their businesses due to the COVID-19 crisis. The delivery app brings together independent UK restaurants and is available on the Applestore and Google play, and the Nobly Ordering dashboard allows to track revenue, the number of new customers & monitor the performance.


Given the situation of the covid-19, many of Nobly clients saw the continuity of their business at risk because they did not have a delivery service or facilities to order via the web.


Build fast, a low-budget solution to allow our clients to continue operating their businesses and maintain and even increase their sales.


Customer retention

+ 20 transactions per week

How might we build in no time, a low-budget app that allows our clients to continue operating due to Covid-19?

Model version 1

Mind map of the consumer app - MVP + later functionality

🎯 A first metric to measure success

We set an ambitious target after the launch: 

30 onboarded merchants + 20 transactions per week.

Nice to have for the consumer app and engage the final user:

🥑  Rewards system

🥑  Wishlist

🥑  Push notifications with offers, recommendations

🥑  Reviews, ratings, and feedback

React native app adapted to our customer's needs.

Given the short time, we had to build the app, wireframes were avoided and the design was implemented straight forward.

Mobile app design


React Native

Principle prototype

From the owner side:

Log in page

The first version of the admin back office wasn't good enough to see the state of the orders quickly.


With customer feedback, and trying not to take much development time and keep the cost low, we get to this new version more intuitive and productive.

Landing page:

Phase 2

Nobly web ordering app, a responsive and customized web menu for restaurants.

How might we reinforce the solution by bringing even more value to customers and owners?

Model version 2

Nobly web ordering is a web app for the restaurant to create a menu and for the customer to ask and pay from the table.

Desktop version – Menu


Customers retained

More transactions per customer

Increased product reliability​​​

New customers onboarded

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