Lucia Bustamante ✦

+Dev Day 4 Women 2022

Mujeres que desarrollan software grandioso

Dev Day 4 Women esta dirigido a mujeres involucradas en el desarrollo de software.

Nuestro propósito es desarrollar una comunidad tecnológica donde las mujeres puedan aprender, inspirarse, conectarse y alentarse mutuamente para continuar sus carreras STEM, a través de conferencias técnicas, pláticas sobre desarrollo profesional, experiencias de mujeres en la industria y actividades de networking.

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+Mujeres UX Latam 2021

Anímate +Liderazgo Latam

This is an event for the entire Latin American community to strengthen and enhance your leadership role. My presentation has focused on telling my experience in the transition to a leadership role, how the process has been, and my learnings.

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Talk UX Conference 2020

Ethical Design: Dark Patterns and Patterns of Human Design

Talk UX is brought to you by Ladies that UX, a global organization that has created an international community of inspiring, supportive women in design and tech. Founded in Manchester, Ladies that UX is leading a global movement, with chapters in over 75 cities worldwide, that empowers women to achieve their full potential. 

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Genexus Builders 2019

Creating a Design Culture, how and why?

I was a speaker at one of the most important annual tech events in Uruguay, talking about how and why to implement a Design Culture within organizations, signs of weak design culture and how to build one.

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DevOps Days MVD 2019

DesignOps – Increasing the value

For the first time the DevOpsDays event was held in Montevideo and I had the pleasure of participating in the "Ignite talks", expounding on DesignOps.

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