Over 6 years of experience shipping products and collaborating with cross-functional product teams, with passion for turning complex problems into simple and engaging experiences.

I currently work at Theorem.co as Product Designer.

Who I am

I’m a Multidisciplinary Designer based in Uruguay (UTC-3) with a background in Industrial Design. I have experience working in small design studios, advertising agencies, startups and big companies, so I can adapt easly to different environments.

I discovered my passion for Design in 2005, year I graduated in Graphic Design, since then I experimented in many design fields, Interior design, 3D, and I recently trained in Service Design and Product Management.

I’m also learning about best practices and principles of Voice UI and design for AR/VR. Working on product means to combine my two passions, Design and Technology to make an impact on people´s lives (and also have fun!).

I have experience designing for B2B, B2C and B2G products, and collaborating with diverse teams in dynamic, rapid growth environments. I’m also a Design Culture advocate, trying always to transform the companies I work into a better place for designers and spreading the value of User Centered Design.

I’m very interested in social causes and volunteering, specially in being part of causes that promote gender equality. Being sometimes the only woman when I was student and in some work teams, encouraged me to found a Women in IT community. I also love to contribute to the designers community and I strongly believe in the power of collaboration and sharing knowledge.

I love ramen 🍜, long trips, meetups and conferences, horror movies, rollercosters, documentals about history.