Lucia Bustamante ✦

I'm a multidisciplinary designer with 12+ years in the design industry and 9 years of experience in the software industry, partnering with cross-functional product teams from discovery to launch, with a passion for making complex problems simple experiences.

As a proud computer nerd, in 2003 I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Processing. In 2005 I graduated in Graphic Design and in 2012 I graduated in Industrial Design.

I currently work as a Design Manager in Formula.Monks, overseeing all of product design’s initiatives and processes, leading end-to-end design and supporting a team of 5 product designers to provide a seamless user experience for employees and customers for one of the company's largest clients.

I have the ability to adapt to different contexts and handle tight deadlines, being able to zoom in and out, put my hands on the craft, or delegate work.

I have experience working in small design studios, advertising agencies, startups, and large tech companies, so I can easily adapt to different and fast-growing environments. I have experience designing Enterprise SaaS, B2B, B2C, and B2G products.

I'm very interested in volunteering, especially in being part of causes that promote gender equality. 🌈

Working in a male-dominated field and experiencing the challenges of being a woman in technology, encouraged me to found a women in tech community. Outside of work, I like to play video games, travel, and make creamy cappuccinos.


In my free time I love to capture moments and places.

Design Principles

Design for Scale

Scalability as a quality attribute in

product design, design with a vision of the future, for products that grow and develop in a visual and interactive


Process oriented

The practice of design that revolves

around processes. Processes as

influencers of results and team work.

Processes as valuable tools that directly impact the quality of the design.

Evidence and designer’s intuition

The intuition of the designer as a key

player in design decisions. Intuition as a valuable asset brought by experience, andas a factor that plays together with data.



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