Lucia Bustamante

Product Design Consultant

I can help individuals and teams achieve success on their journey. With experience working with cross-functional teams and leading high-performance design teams, I can provide support and guidance to establish processes and deliver successful products. 

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Mentoring for UX and product designers of all levels. I offer personalized sessions, in which you will have the opportunity to ask me anything you want about the UX world, career development or portfolio.

Personalized plan USD 120

✓ 2 sessions of 40 min each (including portfolio review)

✓ Career plan according to your needs

✓ Support materials

Payment can be made via Paypal, or bank transfer.

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I can help you in the process of validating your business idea. …wait, no idea? I can help you unlock your creativity. I can help you identify and understand your target users, design or improve your user onboarding, and develop your brand.

Personalized plan USD 160

✓ 2 sessions of 40 min each

✓ Follow up plan according to your needs

✓ Support materials

Payment can be made via Paypal, or bank transfer.

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On the topics of:

· Product design

· AI Product design

· Design QA

· Design leadership

· Women in tech

60 min talk + Q&A, USD 300

Payment can be made via Paypal, or bank transfer.

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Happy clients

"My call with Lucia was really insightful! She offered to extend the session when we were having difficulties connecting which I was really grateful for! She utilized her experience in working in the real estate industry and listed out some points the industry was facing by walking me through a value-proposition canvas which was really helpful and unraveled some problems I've never thought of. Apart from that, she guided me in the right direction of conducting user research for my idea validation and listed out some next steps for me. I really appreciate her help and am looking forward to our next call!"

Tiffany Lin, Student, Entrepreneur

"My session with Lucia was a true blessing for me. It truly helped me to lay out a plan for building a community for designers. She made it clear where I stand and what would be the best way forward. I really like that she took the time for a quick research prior to our call, and followed up with her notes, which is CRAZY useful for me. I can't recommend her enough!"

Daniel Pirciu, Founder

"Lucia was really interested in understanding the problem and situation to give feedback, and it was amazing! She was really approachable and shared a lot of ways to improve UX/UI processes, totally recommend"

Xiomara Pannella, UX/UI Designer, Descartes Systems Group

"Lucia is an attentive listener who can pinpoint the root of a problem and offer creative solutions and tools to address it. I appreciate her ability to draw from her own experiences to provide practical advice and support. Talking with Lucia has been a great source of inspiration and motivation. She has a positive attitude and a wealth of knowledge that she is always willing to share. I'm looking forward to our next session. Thank you Lu!"

Teresita Ambrosio, Senior UX/UI Designer, Dualboot Partners

"Lucia is not only a great product designer but also a great mentor. Her ability to listen actively and facilitate constructive conversations makes her a great mentor and a great person; she was completely empathetic with my situation and overwhelmingly generous with her knowledge and support."

Daniel Contreras, Product Desig Manager, Digital House

"Lucia is amazing. I was looking forward to having a session with her and I was not disappointed. We discussed different topic about career paths, education and portfolios. All of her advices made a lot of sense and her perspective helped me clear my mind and try to set goals that I can accomplish. Not only that, but Lucia suggested me a few courses and ideas to improve my weakest sides. I'm super grateful for this session and I really hope we get to talk very soon! If anyone is reading this, go ahead and schedule a session with Lucia, she know what she's doing"

Daniela Montanez, Experience Designer, Huge