Lucia Bustamante


Case Study


Company: TheoremOne

Client: First American

Industry: Real Estate

Project Date: 2020 – Current

Design team size: 6

Role: Product Designer, Design lead, Design manager

Who is First American?

First American is a leading provider of title insurance and settlement services to the real estate and mortgage industries. National Commercial Services (NCS) is a division of First American, offering expert handling of the simplest and most complex commercial real estate transactions, through a network of offices located across the country. First American is TheoremOne's second largest client, and Clarity First is the platform we are currently designing for them.

Case Study Timeline

The current and the new platform


First American employees are currently using FAST, a platform that provides a very poor user experience.  FAST is the main tool for employees, but on a daily basis they must log in to other applications to carry out their work.


Clarity First is the platform we are currently designing for our client, a platform to close commercial property deals with accuracy and manage transactions and documentation.

First American pain points

  • Daily tasks are complex and time-consuming.
  • There is a gap between employees and customers since the current app is only for employees.
  • The multiple external apps employees need to log into in order to perform day to day tasks.
  • Lack of transparency on order details or status.
  • Inconsistency in service levels across offices.



  • Discovery
  • Product vision and strategy
  • Vision Prototype

New features and an improved UX are proposed. 

Clarity First would still depending on FAST

The opportunity

Why is now a good time to optimize the platform?

  • We now have the foundation to rapidly deliver innovation and differentiate the overall experience of doing business with First American NCS.
  • Now is the time to capitalize on our momentum and improve our customer’s experience through technology that outpaces our competition.
  • ClarityFirst is positioned to quickly integrate NCS with modern 3rd party platforms — driving new business through end-to-end real-estate transaction systems and customer proprietary systems. 
  • Alignment with corporate strategies and initiatives

The vision

“Run our business on a highly-performant, secure, and flexible platform, delivering differentiated customer experiences and increased efficiency across every aspect of an NCS transaction.”

Desired outcomes

  • Customers engage First American through a single platform
  • Employees share a common view with customers (tracking orders, sharing documents, etc)


Delivering Modernization: Define, Make, and Rollout Model

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Continuous Discovery

Focusing on the value


  • what adds value?
  • what is feasible?
  • validation of ideas


  • Weekly customer interviews
  • Early validation of concepts
  • Bi-weekly team discovery workshops
  • Monthly roadmap review


  • Designers
  • PMs
  • Research
  • Business Analysts
  • Engineers
  • Leadership
  • Stakeholders



— Instagram

— Twitter

— Facebook

Technical Discovery

Working with Business Analysts


Team collaboration

Data Driven decisions

Research and design validation

We have the challenge that users are captive, they are people used to a bad experience, so the feedback is sometimes contradictory or ambiguous. Many times we have to appeal to our intuition, and never lose sight of the business objectives.

Feedback methods

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Design reviews
  • Influencers panels