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Nobly’s cloud-based backoffice suite produces reports as beautiful as they are powerful. The Backoffice generates 32 different reports. See what’s selling and what you’ve got in stock in real-time, or dive deep into your sales with end-of-day analytics. 

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The problem

Given the situation of the covid-19, many of our clients saw the continuity of their business at risk because they did not have a delivery service or facilities to order via the web.ided a very poor user experience and it needed several reports, for this reason some clients began to unsubscribe from the service, dissatisfied with it.


Improve the UX and the UI, add new reports and redesign the existing reports by adding more data visualization.

What was done

In order to offer a better experience, user flows were redesigned to bring the user easiness of use on complex tasks and reports were redesigned to take maximum profit of data.

The user interface changed to a more clean look and feel in wich the main focus is the data.

In this new stage, a Design System was created to facilitate the processes with developers and maintain consistency.


The result of having all clients migrated to the new BO meant more user retention and product reliability.​​​​​​​

Old Backoffice

New Backoffice

Backoffice login

Dashboard: 3 new widgets were added, the layout was subtle changed, the charts were improved. The new style incorporated cards more rounded and less shadows.

Sales summary report: A new widget was added at the top displaying main stats at glance. Relevant Sales stats were added above the chart. 

Hourly sales heatmap: This report used to be just a table plenty of numbers and was very messy to scan. A heatmap was incorporated to quickly scan by color.

Profits and costs report: This is a brand new report about profits and costs

Staff sales multilocation report

Design System

Nobly Go, the mobile version of the Backoffice

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