Lucia Bustamante ✦

Clarity First

Role: Design Manager​ (TheoremOne)

Date: 2020 – Current

Client: First American

Mission: ​Make the deal process for ​Commercial property transactions​,​ efficient, transparent, and secure

Nobly ordering mobile app

Role: Product Designer​

Date: April 2020

Client: NoblyPOS (UK)

Mission: ​Nobly Ordering allows you to set up a nice mobile menu, through which your customers can order, collect or takeaway.

Nobly desktop and mobile Backoffice

Role: Product Designer​

Date: April 2017

Client: NoblyPOS (UK)

Mission: ​See what’s going on when you’re not in the store. Powerful reports allow you to make more informed decisions.

Friendmo mobile app

Role: Lead UX UI Designer

Date: April 2020

Client: Friendmo (US)

Mission: ​Design an app to spread the good in the world.

Role: Product Designer

Date: 2022-2023

Client: (Sweden)

Mission: ​Help users transcribe and subtitle audio and video

faster than real time.