Lucia Bustamante ✦

Design Manager

The impact I generate as a Design Manager

Owner: Large Title Insurance Company (Real Estate)

Product: digital ecosystem to manage and close commercial property deals.

Mission: ​Make the deal process for ​commercial property transactions​,​ efficient, transparent, and secure.

Role: Product Designer, Design Manager​

Date: 2020 – Current

Direct reports: 5 Product Designers

Squads: 6

Leading and scaling teams with a drive to deliver digital transformation results

I'm responsible for leading and scaling a team of product designers to define game-changer digital experiences. I also support agile product discovery and product definition, collaborating closely across design, product, and engineering teams.

As a design manager, I'm the person to speak for the team and filter out the noise, so designers can work without blocking and find resources on their own.

I mentor designers so that they are able to decide through critical thinking and design rationale, so as not to act only reactively, having the power to decide "what to do next".

Supporting the team to deliver powerful features for complex transactions

I provide support to cross-functional design teams to create standard and cohesive design interfaces, serving employees and customers to easily manage complex transactions in the real estate industry. I enable conversation spaces for designers to develop their potential.

Cross functional teams. 6 squads, 5 designers.

Empowering designers to lead the conversation

I'm an advisor for designers, mentoring in communication skills, helping them to minimize the impostor syndrome, and encouraging participation in internal and client-facing events, such as design critiques, workshops, and design reviews.

I align the team with the expectations of the program, and encourage early involvement of product designers in the discovery process, educating product managers and tech teams on the scope of product design practice.

Improvement of processes and artifacts

I have improved the onboarding materials for new joiners, keeping the information concise and progressive to integrate new members into the program, smoothly. I help educate new product managers about design practice in the program.

I have created a deck of design standards for current and new members of the program, establishing design standards such as Figma folder formats and production file structure.

I have started a product multi-track collaboration diagram for team members to identify milestones during the product lifecycle.

I have created design QA guidelines for the team to unify design testing criteria.

I have Improved performance review templates, to focus on career milestones and short- and mid-term goals.

Product multi-track collaboration diagram

Design standards deck

Design standards deck

Design QA checklist

Embracing change with opportunity

I have regular, candid, and honest conversations with team members to support and build trust to unlock their progress and growth.

I enable project rotations as a healthy strategy to keep designers motivated and happy, providing the opportunity to take on fresh challenges.

I assign designers to new ventures according to what they enjoy doing, and in the areas they want to develop.

I Provide bonuses for outstanding performance.

Cultivating knowledge about AI in the team.

The main goal of this initiative is to create a shared understanding of the new AI mindset designers must adopt facing the future.

How can designers be educated in AI without feeling lost?

How will designers partner with other roles in AI?

How is AI involved in the end-to-end product design process?

Product Design Work

Full case studies available upon request

NoblyPOS for iPad

Empower business owners to manage menu items, table floor map, table service, and loyalty.

Role: Sr. Product Designer​

Date: 2017-2020

Owner: NoblyPOS (UK)

Product website

Nobly desktop Backoffice

Powerful stock management platform and powerful reports that allow users to make more informed decisions.

Role: Sr. Product Designer​

Date: 2017-2020

Owner: NoblyPOS (UK)

Product website

Mobile app website

Nobly Ordering allows owners to set up a nice mobile menu, so their customers can order at the restaurant, or order to go.

Role: Sr. Product Designer​

Date: 2020

Owner: NoblyPOS (UK)

Product website

Users can transcribe and subtitle audio and video

faster than real time.

Role: Sr. Product Designer

Date: 2022-2023

Owner: (Sweden)

⭐ Featured in Product Hunt!

Product website

Friendmo app

App to spread the good in the world.

Role: Lead UX UI Designer

Date: April 2020

Owner: Friendmo (US)

Product website

Product startegy process

Aligning the business's mission and vision with the design of its products or services.

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